Weekly Podcast on DIY Music Recording and Production

With two super friendly, independent recording engineers and musicians who learned the hard way so you don't have to!


The Guys

Vadim Kharaz
Benjamin Hull

Vadim is a mixing engineer based in the Greater Philadelphia area. His passion for recording and mixing was sparked through playing guitar and writing prog rock as a teenager. Today he operates Calm Frog Recording where he helps artists get their songs to sound as good as they possibly can. He loves sharing his passion for recording and producing music with others. 

You can check out Vadim's work at www.calmfrogrecording.com

or contact him at vk@calmfrogrecording.com

Benjamin is a recording and mixing engineer based in the Greater Pittsburgh area. He has played hundreds of shows as a touring bassist for Lacey Sturm and others and has been producing music out of Dream Loud Studio for over 3 years. Ben is an avid advocate for DIY production and loves helping others learn from his experience. 

You can check out Ben's work at www.dreamloudstudio.com

or contact him at 


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