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The Calm Frog Recording Meta Blog Post

who am I and what do I do – why start a blog – as to whether there will be jokes – topics the blog will cover – oh, it’s not a blog, it’s a diary – please don’t subscribe – oh ok, if you really want to

So, this is a blog post about blog posts. Pretty sweet, yeah?

I’m Vadim and, broadly, I help artists take their song ideas and develop them into professional mixes.

More specifically, I work with musicians to help flesh out their compositions, add production layers (such as drums and other instruments), edit audio for maximum quality and then mix the tracks into big, clear, punchy final products.

I finished my first album in 2008 and was HORRIFIED with how bad it sounded compared to commercial releases. I spent the next decade understanding why that record sounded so bad and how to get big, punchy sounding recordings and mixes.

Oh. The blog? Well, it started out as a just a "Dear Diary" type of thing because, hey, I love prog metal but that doesn't mean I'm not an emotional guy.

However, the blog evolved after an experience I had around the middle of 2019.

I was working on a project with a really talented bass player. I had recently done the drum programming for his super sweet tracks and it was time to track the bass. For logistical reasons, we met up in a rehearsal space. I brought a little mobile studio setup with me that included a few mics, an interface, some stands, cables, etc., It was a pretty minimal set up but through close-miking the amp and taking a DI split of the signal, we were able to get some fantastic sounding tracks.

A thought then occurred to me:

With some basic knowledge and less of an investment in gear than the cost of renting a whole day in a studio, musicians could record themselves in their rehearsal spaces and get really good results.

In this way, artists could save money by handling their own recording duties. They could also get better takes by virtue of not being rushed or nervous in a professional studio setting. Ya know, the whole "hey we're paying by the hour" and "wow everyone is waiting for me to get this solo right" and "man, this engineer seems kind of cranky".

Having GOOD recordings makes it easier to get a great sounding mix - whether you're doing it yourself or outsourcing the mixing portion. Quality recordings will help take your songs to the next level.

And here's the thing. You ABSOLUTELY can learn the techniques necessary to be the hero in your band.

So that's mostly what this blog will be about:

Helping artists record themselves and their bands with confidence.

Also, I think there will be jokes...


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