Why Calm Frog Recording?

A lot of artists have great song ideas but don't have the time, the tools or the knowledge to get professional-quality mixes and productions. Many studios will be able to help you record your tracks but Calm Frog will go further by helping you add production layers such as professional sounding drum tracks and other instrumentation, providing vocal tuning and timing editing and finally, mixing. I offer unlimited mix revisions so you can rest assured you will be satisfied with the finished product . Plus, I love these genres so you know I'll work hard to get your songs to sound great


Why can't I see rates on the web site?

I generally don't like to treat artists' projects on an hourly rate basis - preferring instead to charge by scope. So, if your project only needs mixing, I would estimate the price based on the number of tracks, genre. etc., You can then feel confident that there is a fixed price for your project (and unlimited revisions) so you can budget accordingly. Different projects have different needs and require different levels of effort. Reach out to discuss if you have other questions. There's no risk in getting a quotation!. Better yet, there's no risk in getting a free test mix!


Do you offer tracking and engineering services as well?

Yes. In certain cases I offer tracking services. In other cases, I may refer you to another studio for the tracking portion. Reach out for more information and to discuss your specific project needs. 

I want to have a professional mix but can I really afford it and is it really worth it?

Well, the answer is maybe. It certainly depends on your budget, your genre, your DIY abilities, etc., If you're writing folk music (or a genre in which a live, raw feel is accepted and often preferred) a diy approach may work well. If you're working in a production-heavy genre like pop or metal, a certain minimum level of post-production will be necessary to get people's attention. In the latter case, a professional mix can be seen as an investment in your brand as an artist. You can think of it as kind of like buying a nice outfit which you will use for job interviews: it's an investment to help you stand out and make a good first impression and it can ultimately pay off in orders of magnitude above your investment. If you're asking yourself this question, just reach out. We can talk through your specific project needs, budgets, etc., 

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