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Professional Mixing and Drum Production Services




Stem Mixing

If you already have recorded tracks, it's easier than ever to take your sound to the next level with a great mix.


Upload a session from any DAW or tracks in any file format and get an energetic, punchy mix that you will want to listen to on repeat. 


If you have guitar or bass riffs that you want to turn into big, energetic productions, but you don't have a band right now, Riff to Record is for you. 

I will guide you through a simple, step by step process that will take your riffs and transform them into full productions that are ready for digital distribution



Prog Metal/Metalcore - Changing GodsDrum Programming, Engineering, Mixing
00:00 / 03:02
Post-Punk - Non Fatal Bear AttacksDrum Programming, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering
00:00 / 02:59
Dark Pop - Tiny LoopsProduction, Engineering, Mixing
00:00 / 03:29
Pop/Folk - Alfie SosaProduction, Engineering, Mixing
00:00 / 04:28
Hard Rock - Abi the BandMastering
00:00 / 04:49
Prog Rock - DaremMixing and Mastering
00:00 / 06:25
Noise Rock - Filade (CRS GRS Single Remix)Mixing and Mastering
00:00 / 04:44

If you're looking to put together a song, an ep, or even an album, check out Calm Frog Recording. They keep costs low and deliver a quality product. A fantastic resource and tool for all musicians. Highly recommended” 


Brett Rome

Perkasie, PA

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I made my first "multi-track" recording at age 11 by using two boom boxes to bounce back and forth between two cassette tapes. It was a cover of Enter Sandman with guitars and pre-pubescent vocals and it. was. glorious. I was hooked and never looked back. The idea of capturing and manipulating sound has always appealed to me. After mixing my first album, I found that I couldn't write music fast enough to satisfy my hunger for mixing - so I started doing it for others. There are few things that bring me as much satisfaction as having an artist hear a song the same way they envisioned it in their head when they wrote it. This is my goal on every project. 



You want your songs to sound as good as they possibly can and you don't want to pay just anybody to mix them.

I get it. That's why I offer a totally free mix sample. Let's see how good your tracks can be.

Just fill out the form below and you'll get an email with instructions and details. ​

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